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restore confidence in our elections

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No issue is more important to the conservative movement right now than election integrity. Never again should America witness last-minute changes to the rules by courts, tens of millions of late-arriving mail-in ballots, and an ignorance of the science that voting in person is safe. Elections should be played under fair rules. Americans should be able to wake up the day after Election Day and know who won.


That’s why FreedomWorks has launched the Election Protection Initiative: to put grassroots at the heart of the elections process. With renowned attorney Cleta Mitchell as our chair, we will restore confidence in our elections by advocating for state-level election integrity legislation; registering new voters; and involving our activists directly as elections officers. Throughout 2021 and 2022, FreedomWorks will host activists at events throughout the country, training them on election integrity best practices and equipping them to serve as officers of elections and as poll workers and watchers. By the time the next election cycle rolls around, our community’s confidence in elections will be restored. 


We can’t do it without the help of our hardworking activists. Now is the time for action, and we need YOU to get involved. Choose an option below to get started.


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Learn About the
Harm of H.R. 4


Protect the Electoral College: Sign Our Petition 


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to Oppose H.R. 4


Oppose DC Statehood:
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about freedomworks

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FreedomWorks exists to build, educate, and mobilize the largest network of activists advocating the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty and the rule of law.

We are over 6 million Americans who are passionate about promoting free markets and individual liberty. Our members all share three common traits: a desire for less government, lower taxes, and more economic freedom.

We are not primarily a "think-tank," content to study the issues and publish papers and reports. FreedomWorks breaks down the barriers between the beltway insiders and grassroots America.

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